Overview Edit


$800 Premise

These Accountants lurk in dusty rooms where they covertly launder dirty money in to clean money.

They cost $800 to build; you'll need a vacant premise, and a hidehout of level 3 or above.

For alternate ways to get clean money, and uses of clean money, see: Clean Money.

Competition & Relations Edit

There are no criminal or independent accountants.

The enemy gang will establish accountants, however they are usually low priority targets.

Consumption & Production Edit

The accountant consumes dirty money and produces clean money... for a fee.

Prior to upgrades, the laundering ratio is 4:6, so you get $$4 clean money produced for each $6 dirty money consumed. Effectively you're paying a commission fee of $4 for every $12 spent.

The Secret Operation upgrade improves the ratio to 3:4, effectively reducing the commission fee to $3 per $12 spent; over the course of a day that makes a huge difference!

The Bigger Operation upgrade doubles the amount of dirty money invested in each transaction; the number of transactions per day remains the same, but it's as if you're doing twice as many because each transaction is twice as big.

Buffs Edit

Accountants, regardless of their efficiency and upgrades, affect the following buildings (boosting clean money income):

  • Casino (construction): +20 efficiency per accountant
  • Hotel (construction): +20 efficiency per accountant

The accountant's efficiency (laundering transactions per day) is affected by:

  • Hideout (residence): +10 efficiency, regardless of hideout level or decorations
  • Safe House (premises): +10 accountant efficiency per safe house upgraded to Intimidate the Locals
  • Lawyer (construction): +20 accountant efficiency per lawyer, regardless of lawyer efficiency or upgrades
  • Secret Operation (upgrade): +50 efficiency for the upgraded accountant


  • Secret Operation ($650): +50 efficiency, improve laundering ratio to 3:4
  • Bigger Operation ($800): Double the amount of dirty money spent per transaction (equivalent to +100 efficiency)

Trivia Edit

In modern times, money laundering is primarily performed by high street and international banks (such as HSBC laundering money for Mexican Drug Cartels) with the full support of government. Many countries, such as UK and USA, now include laundered money from things like illegal drugs and prostitution to boost their national GDP figures.