Character Statistics

Alfredo Costa

Starting Weapon

Alfredo Costa is a gangster who can be hired.


  • Level 1: Rage
  • Level 4: Side Step
  • Level 8: Intimidate


The Great War and its aftermath took from Alfredo Costa everyone he cared for. The war veteran would have lost grip on his life if it wasn't for the Mafia, who contracted him for his renown as an army marksman and a man of honor. With finesse and deadeye accuracy, Alfredo quickly built up fame and fortune. It wasn't long before the Sicilian Mafia contracted him to dispose of a disobedient Don in the States.

After the flawless ending of his mission, Alfredo decided to stay in America and work for the local power players. He settled in Atlantic City and many rumors claim that he works to undermine the status quo of the local mafia and pave the way for the invasion of the Families.