Overview Edit


Assassins are henchmen that you've assigned to the Assassin support role during a Combat Mission.

They do not appear on the map during combat; instead they will take their turn and target one enemy combatant from a secret location. Unlike all other combatants, they do not move during turns and cannot be attacked.

Build Edit

For best results, assign a henchman that has good ranged attack abilities:

  • Base stats:
    • High Finesse
    • High Initiative (so they take more turns)
    • Low Reaction (so they don't wake enemies too soon)
  • Perks:
    • Camper
    • Finesse Training
    • Longshot
    • Ranged Specialist I, II and III
    • Sniper

You can't control who the assassin targets; if they target distant enemies – making them aware and thus joining the battle – you can end up being ambushed by far more combatants than you were expecting.

Stats, Weapon, Talents Edit

  • HP: Not relevant
  • CP: Not relevant
  • Weapon: Rifle (regardless of what weapon the henchman is normally equipped with)
  • Talents: Not used