Auto Shops are buildings that can be built on construction lots for $300 in clean money. They sell new cars and repair existing gang cars. Unlike Car Dealers, there is no cool down between vehicle purchases at the auto shop.

New CarsEdit

Purchased cars show up immediately on the street next to the auto shop. Use each individual car to assign a gang member to it (not unlike stealing a Parked Car).

  • Sports Car: The fastest car available for the low, low price of $3,000. All six of your gang members must own one of these to get the Hot Rod achievement.
  • Armored Car: These cars are impervious to the ill-effects of drive-bys expect when there is a Lookout. They cost $1,500 each.


  • In-house Mechanic: For $1,000, the auto shop can make gang cars never break down.
  • Bargains: The auto shop will earn clean money with a $1,000 investment.