Overview Edit

In the campaigns, you progress through missions that take place in the various Estates and Suburbs of Atlantic City, USA.

Campaigns Edit

City of Gangsters Edit

City of Gangsters Campaign

This is the original campaign which starts just after you first arrives in Atlantic City and charts your progress to becoming The Boss of all Atlantic City.

There are three DLCs that add additional missions, characters and weapons to the original campaign.

The Japanese Incentive Edit

Japanese Incentive Campaign

This campaign is an add-on provided by The Japanese Incentive DLC where you team up with a Japanese business man to help him bring some special cargo to Atlantic City.

The campaign provides a number of new maps, weapons and other features, including a new aggressive enemy AI, to improve and refresh the gameplay.

Advancements Edit

Each mission is played on a specific map, and provides one or more advancements to your gang, each of which will remain available for all remaining missions within the same campaign.

Level Up Edit

Level Up

Your current gang of henchmen will be levelled up, allowing a new perk to be assigned to each one of them which improves their effectiveness during combat missions.

By choosing the right combination of perks, as well as weapons, you can transform your gang in to a lethal fighting force.

Team Member Edit

Team Member

A new henchmen will become available for you to add to your gang, each having their own set of talents and sometimes even a unique weapon.

If you don't have any free slots you'll have to fire an existing henchman to make room for the new one, if desired.

Team Size Edit

Your team size will increase during or after the mission, allowing you to add one extra henchman to Your Gang.

A bigger team results in a bigger daily salary, but it also gives you more options during combat missions and more varied character classes.

Unique Weapon Edit

Unique Weapon

A new unique weapon will be available within the mission, usually obtained from a Crime Lord or Deputy. To use the weapon, examine a henchman and Equip it, then they'll use it in all subsequent combat missions.

You can sell weapons from earlier missions to make some quick money; this is an often overlooked way to get cash at the start of missions.