Casinos are businesses that can be built on construction lots for $2,400 in clean money, if the hideout is at least level 4.

Casinos bring in dirty money based on how Liked the gang is; any Liked rating under 50 will lower the casino's efficiency while anything over will increase it.

Warms City Official relations when built.


  • Rigged Games: By spending $800, the casino's games can be fixed to pay off less frequently. Cheating like this increases the casino's money-earning efficiency by 20 but decreases how Liked the gang is by 5.
  • Bar Service: By spending $500, the casino can start selling liquor at the price of $40/case.

Independent BusinessEdit

  • Firebomb: By using 5 units of firearms, the gang can torch the casino, turning it into an empty construction lot available for purchase.
  • Gamble: Gang members can gamble $100. There's a chance that they'll win $300, each time they gamble. Whether the gang member wins or loses, gambling at a casino will raise relations with the owner.
  • Buyout: If the casino owners have Warm relations with the gang, the gang can purchase the casino for $8,000.