Overview Edit

Joints are buildings where you can establish a small businesses, most of which will generate a regular money income.

Renting a Joint Edit

Criminal Joint

Available to rent

At the start of the game, most vacant joints are owned by local criminals. Luckily, they are willing to rent them to you for a small fee.

Rent (pay $ fee) Edit

  • Usually costs around $200, depending on the map
  • Discounts will be given based on your liked rating; more liked = bigger discount
  • Use a Mastermind to complete the action faster

Once rented, you'll own the joint and will be able to establish a business in it.

Capturing a Joint Edit

Enemy Vacant Joint

Enemy vacant joint

Joints owned by an enemy gang would definitely be much more productive if we owned them...

Drive-by Shooting (costs 5 firearms) Edit

  • In order to drive, you'll need a car
  • There is a risk of ambush, use an Armoured Car to prevent this
  • Heat will increase, use a Hitman to prevent this
  • Use an Enforcer to get +2 feared rating
  • Use a Mastermind to complete the action faster

Enemy joints with established businesses might be protected with the Hired Goons upgrade. If so you'll need to do at least two drive-by's; the first to kill the goons, the second to capture the joint. If you wait too long between attacks the enemy might hire more goons forcing you to do even more attacks.

Once you've successfully taken over the joint, you'll own it and can establish a business in it.

Establishing a Business Edit

Owned Joint

Owned vacant joint

Once you own a vacant joint, you can establish a small business in it (a list of applicable businesses types is shown at bottom of this page).

Establish (costs $ money) Edit

  • The cost will depend on the business being established
  • Some buildings require your hideout to be at a higher level
  • Send a Mastermind to complete the action faster

You can abandon any existing businesses to return the building to it's vacant state allowing establishment of a new business. If an enemy captures the joint while you are establishing a business there, you will still own the business once established. However, if you later abandon that business the resulting vacant joint will be owned by the enemy.

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