Overview Edit

Celebrity icon
Local celebrities can be found in most districts.

Their homes appear as residences within the district, allowing you to foster relations with them, do performances to earn Clean Money, or scam them to earn Dirty Money.

Residence Edit

Celebrities are a cheap and simple source of both clean and dirty money:


  • Lavish Gift ($500 Dirty Money):
    • Improve relations with the celebrity
  • Performance (5 Liquor; neutral or warm relations):
    • +$$ Clean Money (amount depends on your Liked rating)
    • Tip: Use a Grifter to perform the action for additional +2 Liked
    • There's a cool-down period after each use of the action
  • Pull a Scam (warm relations):
    • +$ Dirty Money (amount depends on your Liked rating)
    • The celebrity will cease to be available after the scam


  • Improve: Build Hotel; Lavish Gift
  • Degrade: ?