Overview Edit

City Official
City officials enable you to increase your liked rating, and can also launder dirty money in to clean money.

Residence Edit


  • Extortion (neutral or warm relations):
    • +$ Dirty Money (amount depends on your Feared rating)
    • Tip: Use an Enforcer to perform the action to get more money
    • The official will cease to be available after the extortion
  • Charity Event (pay $500):
    • Improve your Liked rating
    • Tip: Use a Grifter to perform the action for additional +2 Liked
  • Launder Money ($1,000 Dirty Money; warm relations):
    • +$$500 Clean Money
    • In the campaign, the action can only be used once per official
    • In sandbox and multiplayer, the action can be used again after cool-down period
    • Tip: Get a better deals from Rabbi Hobsbaum or Joseph Springfield in the Jobs screen, or build an Accountant to automatically launder for you