Overview Edit

Crime Lord
Crime Lords are leaders of criminal cartels, and you will sometimes encounter them in missions.

Their homes appear as residences within districts, allowing you to foster relations with them, buy Weapons, or earn money from "Wet Works" (missions).

Note: Building icon is similar to that of Hideouts (gang bases).

Residence Edit


  • Appeasement Gift ($1,000 Dirty Money):
    • Improves relations with the crime lord
  • Buy Weapon ($ Dirty Money; neutral or warm relations):
    • Obtain a new Weapons for your henchmen to use in missions
    • The cost depends on weapon quality
    • In the campaign, you can only buy one weapon per crime lord
    • In sandbox, another weapon will spawn after cool-down period
    • Note: You can also buy weapons from a Police Deputy
    • See also: Firearms resource
  • Wet Works (requires neutral or warm relations):
    • +$1,500 Dirty Money if successful (+25% if action performed by a Burglar)
    • Risk of Heat increase, unless you use a Hitman to perform the action
    • In sandbox and multiplayer, you will level up after a successful mission