Character Statistics


Starting Weapon
Tommy Gun

Daniel "Dandy" Miller is a gangster who can be hired.


  • Level 1: Second Wind
  • Level 4: Bandage
  • Level 8: Hold the Line


Daniel Miller started as a young gardener at the house of a rich industrialist. His handsomeness and vigor attracted the attention of his employer's wife. She quickly seduced the young man into a lustful relationship and began spending her husband's money to caress and spoil Daniel. She taught her young lover the pleasures of the rich lifestyle and enkindled his desire towards it.

But Daniel's lover turned out to be a black widow. She wanted her husband dead and seduced Daniel into doing it. After Daniel took out her husband, she tried to dispose of him, but he was prepared. He murdered her too, stealing any cash he could get and running away. This caused Daniel to become a cold-hearted stylish womanizer and killer who uses before being used and kills before being killed.


"Baby's a bearcat!"