Character Statistics


Starting Weapon

Emmet "Doc" O'Connel is a gangster who can be hired. He joins the gang in Absecon Lighthouse.


  • Level 1: Bandage
  • Level 4: Hold the Line
  • Level 8: First Aid


Emmet O'Connel was a promising medic working in the Atlantic City Hospital. Saving the lives of people made his days happy and the pints at the pub made them happier.

His life changed drastically when a child was brought into the hospital, mortally wounded. Doc O'Connel managed to bring him back to life and stabilize him, and the good Doc went to the pub to quell his tense nerves with the regular two-pints. While he was belting drinks down, the kid died in the hospital in unforeseen circumstances.

Doc O'Connel couldn't forgive himself for not being there to help. His drinking became heavier and he was thrown out of the hospital. To sustain his addiction, he had to start patching up wounded gangsters. When not working his bloody job, he's drinking himself dead with self-made moonshine.