Player ownedEdit




  • Lobby Bar ($5 Dirty Money)
    • +10 Liked.
    • Note: Doesn't seem to generate revenue or consume beer/liquor resources.
  • Concierge ($1,200 Dirty Money)
    • Doubles the efficiency bonus to other buildings.
  • Goon Squad ($1,000 Dirty Money; Rival gang must exist on map)
    • Protect against the next rival drive-by shooting.
    • Tip: Build a Security Agency - they'll provide the goons to your buildings


Independently ownedEdit


  • Party (10 Liquor)
    • +10 Liked (+12 if done by a Grifter).
  • Buyout ($5,000 Dirty Money)
    • Ownership of hotel transferred to you.
    • Requires warm relations with the hotel owner.


Rival owned Edit

Rival gangs:

  • Rarely establish hotels; they prefer nightclubs which generate far more profit.
  • Never buy independent hotels, but they'll always firebomb them to free up construction lots.
  • Perform drive-by shootings on your hotels.


  • Drive-by Attack (5 Firearms, henchman must have a car)
    • If successful, you'll get a new construction lot
    • Risk of heat increase; use a Hitman to avoid
    • Risk of ambush; use an amoured car to avoid
    • Tip: Build a Hit Squad - they'll do the drive-by shootings without the risks