Overview Edit

If one of your squad members loses all their HP (Hit Points) during a Combat Mission, they will become incapacitated and fall unconscious on the floor rendering them unusable for the rest of the mission.


As soon as a squad member becomes incapacitated, they receive a persistent wound which causes long term effects such as reduced HP, CP, AP or MP.

If all of your squad members become incapacitated, you'll lose the mission and at least one henchman will be jailed.

Recovery Edit


To revive an incapacitated squad member during combat, use the Bandage talent (this won't cure their persistent wounds).

Once the combat mission ends, any persistent wounds will gradually heal over a long period of time. You can speed up recovery by building and upgrading Clinics.

Note: If you revive an incapacitated squad member during a mission, or assign an already wounded henchman to the squad in a new mission, and they are subsequently incapacitated again during that mission, they'll receive additional persistent wounds.

Prevention Edit

Taking Cover

Take cover!

You can reduce the chances of incapacitation in a number of ways:

  • Reduce hit chance of incoming attacks with:
    • Burly: -10% hit chance for incoming melee attacks
    • Cover Spots: reduce hit chance by hiding behind things during combat!
    • Defensive Stance: -20% hit chance for all incoming attacks (ranged and melee)
    • Lucky: -10% hit chance for incoming ranged attacks
  • Increase your HP to survive longer:
  • Reduce the damage taken from incoming attacks:
    • Pocket Bible: Keep 1HP from an attack that would otherwise incapacitate you
    • Toughen Up: Reduce all incoming damage by 50%