Overview Edit

Region capture 7

Informants are people who know a lot about the buildings, residents, and businesses in their local area including:

They'll also tell you about other Informants; you'll usually have to visit several in succession to explore the whole map.

Informant Types Edit

All informants are identified by a yellow question mark icon floating above them. Each informant provides two different ways to obtain the information, it doesn't matter which you choose the information will always be the same. Once you've got the information from them, the building stops providing actions.

Fortune Teller Edit

  • Pay Up (pay $200)
  • Threaten (feared rating of 40+)

Gossip Edit

  • Sweet Talk (liked rating of 60+)
  • Drink Up (supply 10 Liquor)

Jazz Club Patrons Edit

  • Offer Favors (liked rating of 50+)
  • Flex Muscles (feared rating of 50+)

Shopkeeper Edit

  • Big Spender (pay $100)
  • Cheers (supply 10 Beer)

Small Restaurant Edit

  • Generous Tip (pay $150)
  • New Friend (supply 1 Liquor)

Small-Time Crook Edit

  • Intimidate (feared rating of 60+)
  • Firearms (supply 5 Firearms)