Overview Edit

As you commit crimes, you'll generate heat. If the heat is at 5 stars for too long, the police will start an investigation. If you fail to stop the investigation, it's Game Over!

Stopping an investigation Edit

There are several ways to stop an active investigation:

  • Call in a favour from a Deputy residence
    • Requires warm relations with the deputy
    • If deputy is already busy with a henchman, the option can't be used
    • Afterwards, the deputy - and any weapon they are offering - will become unavailable
  • Pay Deputy Kingsley to reduce heat
    • Job must complete before the investigation finishes
    • Use a Mastermind in a new sports car for fastest job completion
  • If Kingsley's boss tries selling resources, defeating him will reduce heat and stop the investigation
    • Occurs randomly when buying resources from Deputy Kingsley, so not a reliable solution
  • Lawyers will sometimes reduce the heat enough to abort the investigation
    • "Stalling Tactics" upgrade must be applied
    • Establish multiple lawyers and stop committing crimes for best results
  • Click the "Investigation" button for additional options (see below)

Last chance options Edit

When an investigation ends, a menu will be displayed with a few 'last chance' options.

Note: You can show the menu during an investigation by clicking the "Investigation" button.

You can:

  • Bribe the investigators
    • This option is only available if you can afford it
    • Costs $500 the first time
    • The cost doubles for each subsequent use
    • A Lawyer with political connections will reduce the cost increase
    • Bonus: You might get warm relations with an independent protection racket!
  • Call in a favour from a friendly deputy
    • Chooses a random non-busy deputy that you have warm relations with
    • Deputy - and any weapon they were offing - will then become unavailable
  • Use another criminal as a scapegoat
    • Option is only available if there's a suitable building on the map, in order of preference:
      1. An independent business with warm/neutral relations
      2. An enemy gang business
      3. The enemy gang hideout
    • It doesn't matter whether the building has been discovered yet (sometimes there's also an invisible warehouse that doesn't appear even if you've discovered whole district)
    • Penalty: You might get cold relations with other buildings on the map
  • Destroy the evidence
    • This option can only be used once per map
    • Combat mission in a random police station
    • On rare occasions it happens in the train station