Knuckles have low damage and AP cost. They allow movement after attacking.

Knuckles are a kind of weapon. They do little damage but are very quick to use. In addition, attacking with knuckles doesn't end a user's movement, allowing them to attack enemies as they run past them or dart between several enemies, attacking them all in succession.

Daredevil starts off with knuckles. The Boss could start out with some too, depending on how the player builds him.


Punch: A quick jab at the target.

  • Damage: 10 to 20 HP
  • Cost: 3 AP
  • On Hit: N/A

Leg Sweep: A strong kick that disrupts the enemy's balance.

  • Damage: 10 to 20 HP
  • Cost: 4 AP
  • On Hit: Cripple (-5 MP) for 2 turns.

Dirty Attack: A savage strike that makes the enemy flinch.

  • Damage: 10 to 20 HP
  • Cost: 5 AP
  • On Hit: Weakness (-50% damage) for 2 turns.


Knuckles Edit

  • Basic weapon with no enhancements

Better Knuckles Edit

  • Better Knuckles
    +10% damage

Exceptional Knuckles Edit

  • +20% damage

The Knuckle Sandwich (Unique) Edit

The Knuckle Sandwich

This weapon appears in the campaign mission (need to find out)

  • +30% damage

The Fine Gesture (Unique) Edit

The Fine Gesture Knuckles
  • +10% Chance to Hit
  • +20% Damage

Knuckledusters (Unique) Edit

Knuckledusters Knuckles
  • +10% Critical Chance
  • +20% Damage

Ispolin Fists (Unique) Edit

Ispolin Fists Knuckles

The default weapon of Jan Koloff, not available from any other source. You can equip Jan with a different weapon, which moves the Fists to your weapon repository where they can be equipped on a different henchman.

  • +10% Critical Chance
  • +20% Damage