Character Statistics


Starting Weapon

Stanislav "Loony" Kowalski is a gangster who can be hired.


  • Level 1: Booby Trap
  • Level 4: Grenade
  • Level 8: Act Now


Stanislav Kowalski served in the Polish Legions during the Great War as a sapper who paved the way for the advances. Hit by gas attack at the eve of the Battle of Rarancza, the intoxicated veteran was brought in coma in the infirmary. He met the end of the War with severe battle psychosis and pyromania, untreated by the overburdened doctors.

When the War was over, the ruined Polish economy couldn't sustain the wounded war veterans. Stanislav ended up in the street and the next several months of his life are a blank spot in his memory. How Kowalski managed to survive and emerge from the depths of his insanity is a complete mystery. He ended up in Atlantic City and was ready to take on dirty jobs that everyone else refused to do.