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Paula Ma Evans

Paula "Ma" Evans

Ma' Evans had a tough start in life. She followed her fiery heart and married young despite her parents' advice. But soon her husband revealed his true nature - that of an abusive oppressor. Ma' Evans wasn't the type of woman who could bear such treatment for long. One night she found the strength to confront him. In the ensuring fight he raised his hand for the last time. Ma' Evans swore that she would never back down again and she took to the woods, leaving behind her home and the still warm body of her husband.

When she found herself on the other side of the law, Ma' Evans discovered that she had the guts and the attitude to make it big in the underworld. Her attitude helped her become accepted in a smugglers' gang and a few years later she took the leadership in her hands, giving birth to the Evans Clan.

For Ma' Evans the Clan is like a big family. All the boys are welcome as long as they obey the rules. Some of the clansmen may think that Ma's attitude towards them is too patronising, but they keep it to themselves. Indeed, Ma' Evans sees herself as the spiritual mother of the clan, guiding the boys like a mother hen and preventing them from killing themselves. The boys of the clan know the first and only rule - "Ma' knows best!"

Paula "Ma" Evans is first introduced in The Japanese Incentive (DLC) campaign mission ...?

Weapon & Talents Edit

Machine Gun
Magic Bullet
Toughen Up
Go Get Them

Machine Gun

Magic Bullet

Toughen Up

Go Get Them

Default Perks Edit

  • Tough I, II, III
  • Quick Recovery
  • Sniper
  • Thick Skin
  • Toughness Training
  • Cunning Training
  • Sadistic
  • Vengeful
  • Pocket Bible