Overview Edit

Machine guns are ranged weapons which inflict both hit point (HP) and courage point (CP) damage on targets within the weapon's attack cone, in some cases causing panic or even deferring their turn until later in the battle (similar to Distract talent).

Before they can be used, machine guns must be Set to define their attack cone. They are the only weapon in the game that has this requirement, however it makes them ideal for pinning down strategic locations such as hallways and entrances.

Once set, they can then be fired multiple times from that position until they are either Unset or the henchman is moved to a different location (causing an automatic Unset). If your henchman has sufficient AP, it's possible to set, fire, unset, and then re-set for a different attack cone within the same turn.

The machine gun will automatically fire on the first enemy to move in the attack cone after the henchman's turn, similar to Interrupt condition but applied to the whole attack cone, harming anyone else who happens to be in the cone at that time.

DLC Edit

Machine guns were introduced in the The Japanese Incentive DLC. After installing, they are available in the second campaign, multiplayer games and sandbox games.

Characters Edit

The following characters, from the DLC, come pre-equipped with basic machine guns:

  • Pops
  • Ma

Attacks Edit

Set Edit

  • Damage: None
  • AP Cost:
  • Effect: Defines the attack arc and enables the gun to be fired multiple times until the gun is unset

Unset Edit

  • Damage: None
  • AP Cost:
  • Effect: Unsets the gun, after which it can re-Set to cover a different attack arc
  • Note: Moving the henchman to a new location automatically causes the gun to be Unset


Variants Edit

Machine Gun

Machine Gun Edit

  • Basic gun with no enhancements.

Better Machine Gun Edit

  • +10% damage

Exceptional Machine Gun Edit

  • +20% damage
Fokker MG

The Fokker (unique) Edit

  • -1 AP action cost
  • +20% damage

Recommended Attributes Edit

As with all ranged weapons, high values of Finesse, Cunning and AP are desirable.

The following perks are desirable for machine gunners:

  • Ranged specialist
  • Longshot
  • Lucky
  • Sniper
  • Camper
  • Thick Skin
  • More Criticals
  • Massive Criticals
  • Cunning, Finesse and Smarts Training