Overview Edit

Mr Smith

Mr. Smith is a character and one of the many contacts the Boss has to succeed. A corrupt businessman who is clearly stressed out from the Federal Government breathing down on his neck at every opportunity, he often asks to buy liquor to cope with the stress or launder his money for him as his white collar crimes catch up to the Federal level.


Liquor Edit

  • Buys:
    • 5 for $135 ($27 per crate)
    • 10 for $270 ($27 per crate)
    • 15 for $405 ($27 per crate)
    • 20 for $540 ($27 per crate)

Money Edit

Mr. Smith pays the biggest commission fees in the game for your money laundering services, enabling you to make huge profits if you have sufficient clean money to meet his requirements. Charlie Luciano offers better ratio (for any but $$500 to $1200 offer), actually making his offers more profitable.

  • Needs you to launder money:
    • $200 in to $$80 (250% effectivity)
    • $500 in to $$200 (250% effectivity)
    • $1,000 in to $$400 (250% effectivity)
    • $1,500 in to $$600 (250% effectivity)
    • $5,000 in to $$1,500 (333% effectivity)

Complications Edit

Task Complications

If Mr. Smith is having a particularly stressful day, he'll sometimes request additional liquor when you complete a job:

  • Sell more; you provide a few more crates in return for some $ dirty money
    • 5 crates for $300 ($60 per crate)
    • 15 crates for $600 ($40 per crate)
  • I'm out; you decline his request (nothing bad happens)