Nightclubs are businesses that can be built on construction lots for $400 in clean money, if the hideout is at least level 3.

Nightclubs earn clean money by selling liquor and - to a lesser extent - beer. The rate at which they attract patrons depends on how liked the gang is; anything less than 50 will hurt the club's efficiency.


  • Promote Liquor: By spending $300, the club can focus on selling liquor, increasing the profits from liquor sales by 40%.
  • Underground Advertising: By spending $600, the club can afford to covertly advertise itself, increasing its efficiency by 20.

Independent BusinessEdit

  • Firebomb: Torch the place for 5 Firearms making the construction lot available.
  • Supply: Sell 15 liquor for $600 and warms relations with the club.
  • Buyout: Take ownership of the club for $2,500.