Overview Edit

Pawn Shop

$500 Joint

These small stores purchase random goods from the locals and then sell them at a higher price to generate $$ Clean money.

They cost $500 to build; you'll need a vacant joint.

Competition & Relations Edit

Building a pawn shop usually lowers relations with a local Crime Lord.

There are no criminal or independent pawn shops.

The enemy gang will establish pawn shops, and they are high priority targets due to their ability to produce firearms which the enemy needs to do drive-by shootings.

Consumption & Production Edit

Pawn Shops consume second-hand and stolen goods from locals (this is automatic, you don't have to produce these yourself).

They produce small amounts of clean money several times a day.

The "No Questions Asked" upgrade will cause them to also produce at least 5 firearms a day.

Buffs Edit

Pawn shops do not affect any of your other buildings.

The pawn shop's efficiency (sales transactions per day, also affects firearms production) is affected by:

  • Hideout (residence): +10 efficiency, regardless of hideout level or decorations
  • Pizzeria (joint): +10 efficiency per pizzeria with the "Intimidate Locals" upgrade
  • Feared rating: ±0–50 efficiency
    • +1 efficiency per feared rating 50 and above (if you had 100 feared rating, you'd get +50 efficiency)
    • -1 efficiency per feared rating below 50 (if you had 0 feared rating, you'd get -50 efficiency)
  • Back Room (upgrade): +20 efficiency for the upgraded pawn shop if heat is below 2 stars

Upgrades Edit

  • No Questions Asked ($300): The pawn shop will also produce 5+ firearms per day
  • Back Room ($250): +20 efficiency if heat is below 2 stars
  • Hired Goons ($1,000): Protection from drive-by attacks (alternatively build a Security Agency)