Overview Edit

Pistols are basic weapons with low AP and damage. However, due to their low AP they can be fired several times per turn and can be particularly effective at close range.

Henchmen Edit

Squigs and Princess both come equipped with basic pistols. The Boss could start out with one too, depending on how the player builds him.


Aim Edit

  • Effect: Used in conjunction with one of the other attacks, increases hit chance
  • Damage: N/A
  • AP Cost: 1
  • Modifier: +15% hit chance

Quick Shot Edit

  • Effect: A quick shot towards a target
  • Damage: 12 to 24
  • AP Cost: 3
  • On Hit: N/A

Precise Shot Edit

  • Effect: An aimed shot that ignores covers and obstructions
  • Damage: 12 to 24
  • AP Cost: 5
  • On Critical Hit: Weakness (-50% attack damage) for 2 turns

Stomach Shot Edit

  • Effect: A less precise shot that targets the enemy's abdomen
  • Damage: 12 to 24
  • AP Cost: 4
  • On Hit: Bleeding (10 damage/turn) for 5 turns.



Pistol Edit

  • Basic pistol with no enhancements
Better Pistol

Better Pistol Edit

  • +10% damage
Exceptional Pistol

Exceptional Pistol Edit

  • +20% damage
Sir Jury Pistol

Sir Jury (Unique) Edit

  • +10% Hit Chance
  • +20% Damage