"The Don" pizzerias is a business that can be established in joints for $650, if the hideout is at least level 2.

Pizzerias increase how feared the gang is by 20 and increase the efficiency of all other joints by giving the criminals a nearby place to relax and dine and prepare for their next job.


  • Armed Guards: By supplying 5 firearms, the pizzeria's security can be armed, increasing how feared the gang is by 10.
  • Delivery Truck: By spending $300, the pizzeria can afford to buy a truck, decreasing the time it takes for gangsters to complete missions by 15%. This effect stacks (i.e. if the gang owns two pizzerias with trucks, the mission time will by decreased by 30%).

Trivia Edit

The Don Pizzeria

There's actually a dedicated Don Pizzeria building in one of the sandbox maps with its own signage. See if you can find it :)