Overview Edit

Politicians enable you to increase your liked rating, and can also free jailed henchmen.

Residence Edit


  • Extortion (requires neutral or warm relations): Gain $ dirty money
    • The politician will cease to be available after the extortion
    • The money gained depends on how feared you are; more feared = more money
    • Use an Enforcer and you'll get more money!
  • Charity Event (pay $500): Improve your liked rating by 10
    • Also improves relations with the politician
    • Use a Grifter and your liked rating will increased by a further 2 points!
  • Get out of Jail (requires warm relations): Instantly free a henchman from jail
    • The politician will cease to be available after this action
    • Avoids the need for a combat mission; useful early game
    • Alternatively, do a combat mission (Special tab on Jobs screen) to break your henchman out of jail


  • Improve:
  • Degrade: