Protection rackets are businesses that can be established in joints for $150, if the hideout is at least level 2.

Protection rackets earn dirty money for every independent business operating in the neighbourhood by insisting that these businesses pay them for "protection," usually from the racketeers themselves.

Cools Politician or Police Deputy relations when built.


  • Threats: Arming the racketeers with 5 firearms makes their "protection service" more serious, increasing how Feared the gang is by 10.
  • Intimidation: By spending $500, the racketeers can use more coercive tactics to get money, increasing the racket's efficiency by 20 but decreasing how Liked the gang is by 5.

Independent BusinessEdit

  • Drive-By: By using 5 units of firearms, the gang can scare off the business's owners and workers, turning it into an empty premise available for purchase.
  • Ambush: A gang member can ambush the racket's money handler, earning the gang $500 but lowering relations with the racketeers.
  • Buyout: If the racketeers have Warm relations with the gang, the gang can purchase the racket for $1,000. Relations can be improved by bribing police or calling in a favour during an Investigation.