Overview Edit

Rabbi Hobsbaum

Rabbi Hobsbaum is a rabbi at one of Atlantic City's synagogues and  acting boss of the Atlantic City Jewish mob.

Rabbi Hobsbaum is a Jewish immigrant who first came into America poor, but eventually became an underboss and now acting boss of the Jewish mob. His gang usually smuggles liquor for "spiritual purposes" and he runs money laundering operations as well. He prefers his liquor to be "kosher".


Beer Edit

Warning: He will often try to haggle the price down upon task completion.

  • Buys:
    • 15 for $170 ($12 per barrel)
    • 25 for $300 ($12 per barrel)
    • 30 for $360 ($12 per barrel)

Liquor Edit

  • Buys:
    • 15 for $495 ($33 per crate)
    • 20 for $660 ($33 per crate)

Money Edit

  • Offers to launder money for you:
    • $$180 for $300 (60% effectivity)
    • $$300 for $500 (60% effectivity)
    • $$800 for $1,000 (80% effectivity)
    • $$1,700 for $2000 (85% effectivity)
    • $$2,300 for $2,500 (92% effectivity)

Note: an Accountant ratio is 3:4 (after upgrade); thus only last 3 offers pays out

Complications Edit

Task Complications

The Rabbi will regularly try to knock down the price of your beer sales by claiming that there is something wrong with the shipment of beer. It's usually best to accept his reduced offer, otherwise he might get angry and refuse to trade with you.