Overview Edit

Residential buildings are usually the most common type of building on the map; the ones that don't have any icon floating above them (unless an important person lives there in which case they're called a Residence and provide different actions). Being a crime boss, however, you've found ways to profit from these seemingly useless buildings!

Actions Edit

Note: To use the actions you must first have explored the area using an Informant.

  • Burglary (earn $100): Steal some money from the building, useful early game dirty money source
    • -2 Liked rating per burglary
    • Generates heat, use a Hitman to avoid this
    • Use a Burglar and get 25% more money ($125)
    • Masterminds will complete the action quicker
    • Henchmen on foot can burgle adjacent buildings one after the other in rapid succession (no need to return to car between each burglary)
    • In the campaigns you can only burgle each residential building once
  • Purchase (pay $$1,000): Buy the building and rent it out, useful late game clean money source
    • Receive $$80 clean money every day per owned building
    • It takes 13 days before you start making a profit on your investment
    • Masterminds will complete the action quicker
    • The building will no longer provide actions