Overview Edit

A sniper is a henchman who specialises in long range rifle work. Used to pick off enemies at long range, they can be devastating in combat, especially if teamed up with Dicers or Slicers.

A fully upgraded sniper will often be able to kill full-health enemies with a single shot, as well as being able to reliably cripple enemy melee attackers to prevent them from reaching your gang.

Usage Edit

The sniper finds a good cover spot and then picks of enemies at long range, moving occasionally to reach better attack positions (which is why, ironically, the Sniper perk isn't as effective as it could be).

If working with Dicers, make sure the sniper has Devastating Criticals perk and then attack the two targets that the Dicer is most likely to attack. A dicer gets +50% damage bonus against vulnerable enemies.

The sniper should be kept away from the front lines of an active battle zone to keep them out of harms reach. If you find your sniper is taking too much damage, the Lucky perk will be beneficial.

Weapon Edit

Use the best rifle variant you have available.

Ideally get the Vendetta rifle which gives +10 Hit Chance in addition to +20% Damage.

Characters Edit

Anna is arguably the best candidate for a sniper in the game. Boosting her base critical chance and ranged damage with perks and equipping her with a unique Rifle makes her shockingly lethal.

Note: Anna requires The Japanese Incentive DLC.

Base Stats Edit

Snipers require high values for the following stats:

  • Finesse: 7+
  • Smarts: 7+
  • Cunning: 9+
  • Base Critical Chance: 9+

Talents Edit

The following talents are well suited to snipers:

  • Bandage
  • First Aid
  • Iron Will
  • Rage
  • Smoke Bomb

Perks Edit

Essential Perks: These are vital

  • Camper (make sure you use cover spots!)
  • Cunning Training
  • Longshot
  • Massive Criticals
  • More Criticals I, II and III
  • Ranged Specialist I and II

Recommended Perks: These are useful

  • Devastating Criticals (essential if teamed up with a Dicer)
  • Die Hard
  • Finesse Training
  • Killing Spree (makes the Sniper perk significantly more effective)
  • Lucky
  • Ranged Specialist III
  • Sniper
  • Spectacular Criticals
  • Thick Skin

Optional Perks: These are sometimes useful

  • Dead Eye
  • Guts Training
  • Quick Recovery
  • Smarts Training
  • Toughness Training
  • Vengeance

Weaknesses Edit

A sniper tends to suffer from two main weaknesses:

  • AP loss (usually due to CP damage): Rifle attacks have a high AP cost so losing even a small number of AP can limit the sniper to just one shot per turn.
  • Melee attacks: Snipers tend to be susceptible to melee attacks, especially those that also inflict CP damage.