Character Statistics

The Knife

Starting Weapon

Mack "The Knife" is a gangster who can be hired.


  • Level 1: Rage
  • Level 4: Defensive Stance
  • Level 8: Side Step


Mack had a tough start in life, abandoned at a church orphanage. But make no mistake - Mack was not the typical sweet little orphan. Mack was a reclusive yet cruel and violent kid with an evil glow in his eyes. His fists spoke more often than his mouth and the other kids feared him. He barely waited until he was 15 and ran away from the orphanage, irresistibly drawn to the violent streets of the city.

He quickly carved - literally - his path through the criminal competition, relying on his trusty knife, hence the self-proclaimed nickname. Mack is a violent homicidal maniac who fights and strives to achieve respect through fear and intimidation.