Overview Edit



The toolbar appears directly under the minimap; it's buttons link to a number of important functions...

Note: Some buttons aren't available in the first few Campaign missions.

Gang Management Edit

Gang Management Button


This screen allows you to build and configure your gang:

Jobs Edit

Jobs Button


This screen allows you to trade with your Associates:

The number on the button indicates how many new jobs have become available since you last looked at the jobs screen.

Fire Sale Edit

Fire Sale Button

Fire Sale

This screen allows you to sell unwanted or excess resources:

Tip: The sale price can be improved with a Smuggler upgrade.

If you run out of storage space, you'll be forced to do a fire sale to sell excess stock. You can automate resource selling with a Weapons Store and/or Wholesaler.

Economy Overview Edit

Economy Overview Button


This screen lists all your businesses, along with their upgrades, efficiency, production and consumption.

You can also see which buildings have recently been captured by enemies on this screen, although the list is cleared every time you close the screen making it difficult to work with if multiple buildings are captured.

Other aspects of your economy (money, storage, resources, ratings) can be viewed at all times in the Status Bar.