Overview Edit

Unique Building icon

Most maps will have one or more unique buildings, indicated by a square eye icon. They are usually local landmarks, some of which provide special actions (such as the ability to buy resources or do special missions, particularly in the campaigns).

Note: A similar icon, but with a question mark, appears over Informants who help you explore the map.

A list of unique buildings per map (district) are listed below, along with any associated actions. Click adjacent images to view.

Absecon Lighthouse Edit

(incomplete list)

Absecon Light Edit

  • Smuggle ($200 for shipment of a random resource)

Baltic Ave. Edit

(incomplete list)

Security Office Edit

  •  ?

The Northern Factory Edit

  • Campaign: Break In (to steal financial records) - action can only be used once

The Southern Factory Edit

  •  ?

Boardwalk Hall Edit

(incomplete list)

Downtown Edit

(incomplete list)

Downtown - City Hall

City Hall Edit

  •  ?
Downtown - Atlantic City Jail

Atlantic City Jail Edit

  •  ?

Illinois Ave. Edit

(incomplete list)

Illinois Ave - Traymore Hotel

The Traymore Hotel Edit

  •  ?

Michigan Ave. Edit

(incomplete list)

Michigan Ave - Marlborough-Blenheim Hotel

Marlborough-Blenheim Hotel Edit

  • Campaign: The Eyewitness (starts combat mission) - can only be used once
Michigan Ave - Shelburne Hotel

Shelburne Hotel Edit

  • Campaign: Launder ($2,000 in to $$1,200)

North Carolina Ave. Edit

(incomplete list)

Haddon Hall Hotel Edit

  •  ?

Steeplechase Pier Edit

  • Buy Liquor ($1,000 for 30 liquor)

Steel Pier Edit

  • Buy Firearms ($1,000 for 20 firearms)

The Suburbs (DLC) Edit

(incomplete list)

The Suburbs - Atlantic County Penitentiary No 3

Atlantic County Penitentiary No. 3 Edit

  • Campaign: Attack (to free The Kid)

Ventnor Ave. Edit

(incomplete list)

Virginia Ave. Edit

(incomplete list)

St. Nicholas of Tolentine Church Edit

  • Campaign: Defend (starts a combat mission)